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Frequently Asked Questions About Leggings

Leggings FAQs

Common queries answered about Guam Leggings

The Guam Leggings take advantage of the slow release microencapsulation technology on the skin of the active ingredients of Guam Algae, in synergy with the bioactive mineral crystals integrated into the fabric, which absorb the heat of the human body to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR). Thanks to this technology, Guam Leggings improve skin microcirculation and decrease cellulite and skin adiposity. The results are true and proven.

They are electromagnetic waves that are part of the spectrum of sunlight and are essential for our well-being thanks to their biological effects on living organisms. They are mainly used in the therapeutic field: they are in fact able to penetrate the skin and subcutaneous layers and interact with the water molecules and organic compounds that make up living tissues, resulting in a significant increase in blood circulation and an activation of the metabolism of tissues and cells.

The microcapsules incorporated into the fabric have a slow release on the skin of the active ingredient of Guam seaweed. Their action is effective until the active ingredient is used up, which generally occurs after a few weeks of using the Leggings. The exhaustion time is not constant and is proportional to the amount of movements made during use (if for example it is used during sports). The washing of the Leggings does not affect the microcapsules and their contents except to a minimum extent, as long as the recommended washing methods are observed. As for the emission of Far Infrared Rays, since the bioactive mineral crystals are integrated into the fabric, they continue their action for the whole life of the Leggings.

The leggings should be washed at temperatures no higher than 40 degrees and without the use of softeners, which can compromise the elasticity of the fabric. Do not spin. Do not put in the dryer. Do not iron.

There are no contraindications to night use. The fabric uses body heat to return it in the form of Far Infrared Rays and during sleep the body’s natural heat decreases. This does not affect the release of the active ingredient of Guam Algae by the microcapsules, which maintain their action unchanged even during sleep, while the benefits of Far Infrared Rays will be lower due to the reduced body heat.

Of course! It is a comfortable and non-transparent garment and among the various proposals of Guam Leggings there are some models dedicated to sporting activity. During physical activity, the heat emitted by our body increases and the bioactive mineral crystals integrated into the tissue will emit more Far Infrared Rays, with greater benefits.

Guam Leggings are not heating, they simply exploit the heat of the human body, so they have no contraindications in the presence of capillary fragility.

There are no contraindications for use during lactation.

As a precaution, it is not recommended to use “Emana” fabric during pregnancy.

The treatment with Guam Leggings involves a slow release of the natural active ingredients of Guam Algae which remain localized on the surface, without affecting the thyroid. There is therefore no contraindication to the use of Guam Leggings for those with thyroid problems.

Guam Leggings contain microcapsules that release the active ingredients of Guam Algae on the skin, which last for several washes and also depend on the use of the leggings themselves. When these microcapsules run out of charge after a few weeks of use, to continue benefiting from the synergy of action between the properties of the fabric and the active ingredients of Guam Algae, we recommend applying an algae sludge cream before wearing the Leggings. We suggest Fresh Mud Cream  or Activity Day Mud Cream.

The Guam Leggings are not containing and do not have to tighten to have an effect; instead they are comfortable because they must be worn like a normal item of clothing for at least 6 hours every day, for this reason they do not present contraindications in case of fragile capillaries or microcirculation disorders.