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Frequently Asked Questions About Guam Seaweed Mud

Guam Seaweed General FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions About Guam Seaweed
Common queries answered about Guam Seaweed Mud

Of course! Guam Seaweed Mud can be used in all seasons of the year.

No! It is not necessary to remain still during the shutter speed. During the treatment, thanks to the transparent film or the TNT (Non-Woven Fabric) shorts, you will have freedom of movement and cleaning and you can possibly wear comfortable clothing to carry out every daily gesture with tranquility, taking advantage of this time to relax or to carry out normal activities of household.

The sensation of heat, redness and “active pinching” that can be felt during application is subjective and depends on the type of skin. However, it is normal for the reactivation of the skin microcirculation in the area where the product is applied to generate similar reactions. We also remind you that in the presence of particularly sensitive and reactive skin, GUAM Seaweed Mud Special Sensitive Skin is recommended, which have been specially formulated, or GUAM Dren Plus seaweed mud that does not have a heating effect.

The effectiveness of the product is independent of the sensation of tingling and / or heat which is completely subjective and can be felt or not depending on the sensitivity of the skin.

In case of capillary fragility, the use of GUAM Seaweed Mud Special for Sensitive Skin and / or with Fragile Capillaries, whose composition is specific for the most delicate skin, may be more suitable. These muds act without creating any heating or skin redness in the treated areas. If the skin is not particularly sensitive and does not have capillary fragility, all the formulations of GUAM Seaweed Mud have no contraindications.

Yup! It is an absolutely normal phenomenon. Being a product with natural ingredients mixed cold, we always recommend mixing the product thoroughly before each use, so that it takes on the consistency of a homogeneous mixture. This indication is also highlighted on the packaging cap.

There are no particular contraindications. However, it is not necessary to exceed the processing time indicated in the package of the chosen treatment, since it  has been proven that the indicated time is the ideal one for the product to be fully effective.

Exposure to sunlight immediately after treatment with GUAM Seaweed Mud is not recommended; it is always better to let a few hours pass. If the treatment is carried out in the evening, the next morning you can safely expose yourself to the sun.

We recommend waiting about 24 hours after waxing before applying GUAM Seaweed Mud, in full respect of the skin.

When applying GUAM Seaweed Mud, the absorption of the active ingredients remains localized in the skin. During the period of pregnancy, however, it is recommended to avoid substances that cause heating reactions, in order to limit any pressure changes, and to use in limited quantities substances with high skin penetrability, such as essential oils. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult your family doctor before starting treatment if you are pregnant.

Our products do not contain ingredients that can interfere with breastfeeding. In addition to this, their topical application as a cosmetic product does not imply systemic absorption but remains on the surface on the skin. If you have any further doubts, we recommend that you consult your family doctor.

No! They do not interact with thyroid function.

GUAM Seaweed Mud in the traditional formulation is designed to counteract the imperfections of cellulite, which occurs mostly on the thighs, buttocks and hips. The imperfections and fatty deposits in the abdominal area can be counteracted even more effectively by using the targeted formulation, GUAM PANCIA and GIROVITA seaweed mud.

Wrapping with transparent film is essential to optimize the action of GUAM Seaweed Mud; in fact, the occlusive action maximizes the absorption by the skin of the active ingredients contained in the product. However, from a practical point of view, it is also possible to use shorts, which are washable and reusable.