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Introducing  your secret weapon for firming, toning, and combating the appearance of skin imperfections in the tummy & waist.

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Seaweed-Powered Transformation: Unleash the natural magic of seaweed with GUAM Tummy & Waist Seaweed Mud. This powerhouse formulation taps into the extraordinary properties of seaweed to effectively reduce the appearance of fat deposits and skin imperfections in the tummy and waist regions.

Firm and Tone: Experience a revolutionary approach to firming and toning. Our Seaweed Mud is crafted to leave your skin remarkably firm and toned, providing a boost of confidence in your tummy and waistline.

Pure Sea Concentrates: GUAM Seaweed Mud is a testament to purity, harnessing high concentrations of pure sea extracts. This natural product is a celebration of the sea’s power, delivering unparalleled benefits to your skin.

Naturally Reduces Appearance of Cellulite: Bid farewell to cellulite imperfections and skin adiposity. GUAM Tummy and Waist Seaweed Mud works harmoniously with your skin’s natural processes, naturally reducing appearance of cellulite and promoting a smoother appearance.

Clinically Tested Efficacy: Trust in the science behind the beauty. Our anti-cellulite efficacy has undergone rigorous instrumental clinical trials, ensuring that GUAM Tummy and Waist delivers on its promises with proven results.

Why GUAM? Because Results Matter: Elevate your skincare routine with GUAM Tummy and Waist. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to experience the transformative power of seaweed, unveiling a firmer, toned, and more confident you. Beauty meets science in every application!

May be used in the support of lymphatic drainage and body contouring.


Mix well before use.  Apply directly to the affected areas with a gentle massage. Wrap with saran wrap or Guam Protective Washable Trousers and leave on for 40 minutes. Rinse with warm water.


GUAM seaweed, clay, ivy, horse chestnut and fucus phytoextracts, lemon and sage essential oils, escin and caffeine.

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