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Anti-cellulite refill of Guam cosmetic textiles in no-gas spray


AlgaCaps Activator, born from the most recent studies on nanotechnologies, is a no-gas spray treatment for the refill of Guam® Marine Algae microspheres in Guam® cosmetotextile fabrics. With the spray refill, the positively charged microspheres are anchored to the fabric thanks to the electrostatic attraction exerted by the negative charge of its fibers. The interactive fabric will then be able to recharge itself with the active ingredients of the Guam® Marine Algae enclosed in the microspheres of the Activator, thus continuing its anti-cellulite and slimming action.


Shake the bottle before use.
Spray onto the internal surface of the Guam® cosmetotextile garment that you intend to recharge, keeping a distance of 10-15 cm and wait for the fabric to dry before wearing the garment.
For an intensive anti-cellulite treatment, we recommend the initial application of AlgaCaps Activator before each use of the garment for the first 10 days, and then continue with the application every other day (see leaflet).
For each application it is recommended to carry out 15 sprays (to be distributed on the internal parts of the fabric in contact with the skin) in a uniform manner. In a 100 ml bottle, AlgaCaps Activator has been studied for a 40-day treatment.