Introducing our revolutionary Osmotic Wrap, meticulously designed to enhance the effectiveness of GUAM muds and creams in your body slimming, contouring and lymphatic drainage regimen. Crafted with precision and innovation, this wrap offers unparalleled support in achieving your wellness goals.

Size: 10 inches by 200 feet


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Harnessing the power of osmotic technology, our wrap creates a gentle yet powerful compression effect, promoting the absorption of GUAM’s potent active ingredients deep into the skin. This unique process maximizes the efficacy of GUAM’s renowned muds and creams, optimizing their ability to target stubborn cellulite, detoxify the body, and promote lymphatic drainage.

Crafted from high-quality PE plastic film, our wrap ensures maximum increase in thermal action promoting a sauna effect that helps detoxify and contour targeted areas such as the waist, legs, glutes and arms.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the results of your GUAM treatments or elevate your lymphatic drainage experience, unlock the full potential of GUAM’s transformative skincare solutions with our innovative wrap.