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Transform your home into a sanctuary of beauty with the Sea Ritual Firming Body Mask – a true regenerative experience that redefines your skincare routine for the ultimate well-being of your skin.


Holistic Beauty at Home: Immerse yourself in a genuine beauty ritual that transcends the ordinary. The Sea Ritual Firming Body Mask offers a regenerating experience, transforming your home into a sanctuary for the well-being of your skin.

Intensive Remodeling Elegance: Elevate your self-care with this firming cream body mask, specially designed for legs and buttocks. Let the intensive remodeling action redefine your skin, leaving it toned and elastic with a touch of elegance.

GUAM® Algae Wonder: Experience the magic of GUAM® Algae, Marine Water, and Phytoplankton in a balanced blend. This powerful mix works synergistically to enhance skin tone and elasticity, revealing a firmer and more resilient complexion.

Free Movement, Extra Comfort: The package includes protective trousers that ensure you can move freely during your beauty ritual. Feel the luxurious texture of the mask as it works its wonders, enhancing the firmness of your skin.

Prep for Perfection: For optimal results, prepare your skin with the Sea Ritual Scrub-Exfoliating Body Gel before applying the firming mask. This ensures your skin is ready to absorb the full benefits of this regenerative treatment.

Complete Your Ritual: Keep the beauty ritual alive by incorporating the Sea Ritual Nourishing Body Oil into your daily routine. Smooth, hydrate, and illuminate your skin daily for a consistently radiant and luminous complexion.

Why Wait? Redefine Your Beauty Ritual! Ready to experience the ultimate in at-home beauty? Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and make the Sea Ritual Firming Body Mask an essential part of your regenerative skincare routine. Revel in the joy of toned, elastic, and beautifully transformed skin – a true beauty ritual at home.


Apply Sea Ritual Firming Body Mask with a light massage on the skin, then put on the protective trousers and leave on for 30 minutes.  Remove the trousers (which can be washed and reused) and absorb remaining product with a light massage. Any excess residues can be eliminated by wiping with a moistened towel. We recommend treatment in combination with the other products of the same Sea Ritual collection.

May be used in the support of lymphatic drainage and body contouring.